Monday, 29 July 2013

Rick Ross wants Nicki Minaj to accept DJ Khaled's proposal

After DJ Khaled captivated the world on July 25 with his impromptu marriage proposal to Nicki, Rick says in a new interview that the potential couple has his blessing. And he even talks wedding gifts!

Groom and Best Man?
As to whether DJ Khaled and Nicki would have his blessing if they tied the knot, Rick told Los Angeles radio station Power 106, “I mean most definitely. I know Khaled, that’s my brother. I guess we all gotta sit back and wait.”

There have been some doubters out there saying that the (amazing) video is just a joke — some type of viral marketing — but Rick, who also says Khaled “has been infatuated with Nicki,” went on record saying he thinks Khaled was 100 percent serious.
“I’m reading the small description underneath and it says he has a ring from Rafaello & Co., if I’m reading that correctly, that’s valued at about half a million dollars. If you spend half a million dollars, you’re dead-ass serious.”
Good point, Rick.

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