Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Peter Okoye (P Square) proposes to his girlfriend Lola Omotayo with a touch of CLASS (Photos)

Peter Okoye of P-Square has finally proposed to his girlfriend Lola Omotayo and he did it with all grace and panache - with a  diamond ring (looks like a Celtic), a sparkling new Range Rover Evogue, and a bouquet of flowers with a hand-written "Please say YES" message! Way to go, dude

As you would expect after going this length, she said an emphatic YES! to the proposal. Congrats to the couple.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Awesome!!! Woman with world's largest afro enters Guiness Book of Records (Photos)

Aevis Dugas' four-and-a-half-foot afro which has taken her 14 years to grow, takes 2 days to wash and 5 bottles of conditioner to get it to shape has entered the Guiness Book of Records...and she says her hair is inspiring lots of women to go natural. It should!

She said: 'I don't know why but there's something very important to me about little girls appreciating my hair and then wanting to wear their hair the same.
'I tell them there is nothing that I did special, there is no magical formula, we are born with our hair like this.'

Aevin was originally inspired by a picture of her mum Deborah Dugas wearing an afro in the sixties - and she remains one of her biggest fans today.
Mrs Dugas, 62, who runs a care home, said: 'I'm humbled by the fact she did this because she liked my natural hair, way before she was born.


I hope this inspires our Brazilian-hair-crazy ladies here in Naija. I love her already. Isn't she lovely?  **winks**

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Man who was born blind sees for the first time at age 68

All of his life, Pierre-Paul Thomas lived without the gift of vision, but a surprise surgery this year allowed the 68-year-old to see for the first time. Thomas was born with congenital nystagmus, a condition that made his eyes move side to side involuntary and had damaged optic nerves and cataracts on top of that.

He had resigned himself to the fact that he would never be able to see.

He can see now
But then he fell down a set of stairs in his Montreal apartment two years ago, and it may have been the best thing to ever happen to him. 
The fall required surgery on Thomas's face, where the thin bones around his eye sockets fractured. 

While consulting with a plastic surgeon, she asked nonchalantly: 'Oh, while we're at it, do you want us to fix your eyes, too?'

Thomas was shocked. he didn't think it was possible.

I can imagine how he'll feel seeing all the beautiful things he's been missing. God is great

Property tycoon loses wife and home to Barcelona star

Lebanese millionaire Elie Taktouk has lost his home to Barcelona star Cesc Fabregas months after losing his wife to the footballer as a judge refused to halt the sale of the house worth almost $12m to Fabregas

Elie Taktouk
Elie Taktouk whose former wife, Daniella Semaan, gave birth to Fabregas' baby in April, tried to block the sale on the basis that the Barcelona star's offer was $4m less than its true value.

The Belgravia flat which is only yards away from Buckingham Palace, had been ordered for sale as part of divorce proceedings, in order to provide money for Miss Semaan to buy her own home.

Daniella and Fabregas
Within three weeks of the apartment going on sale, Fabregas put forward an offer to buy it which was approved, prompting Elie Taktouk to go to court in an attempt to block the sale. The case has now been struck out.